Are you the ultra competitor? The one who craves winning on and off the course and pursues greatness in all aspects of life?

Look no further; feed your competitiveness and greatness with Big Game – the platform and community that champions the relentless pursuit of success in every facet of your life.

Where winning is a lifestyle.

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Did you know that Big Game Golf has been completely rebuilt from the ground up to support a broader vision and will be re-introduced as Big Game

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Real Time Wager Tracking

BGG helps you track bets in real time. Assign a scorekeeper to each group who is responsible for inputting the scores of the game. From there, Big Game Golf jumps in to keep tabs on who owes who and calculates the bets in real-time as scores are being recorded.

Grow Your Golf Network

Create golf networks and invite your buddies or discover new networks of golfers in your area to grow your golf circle and find new games to join. Create custom rosters of contacts to easily invite groups of golfers to your games.

History Tracked Games

You can keep track of how your buddies play in your regular games. See if they’re regularly playing better or worse than usual when money is on the line. Sandbaggers beware!

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Big Game Golf was built by passionate golfers for recreational golfers to schedule games, play side contests, keep score, and bet with their buddies. It was originally envisioned on the practice range when Rich Lesniak was hoping to make the Champions Tour after successfully selling his first technology start-up Calence. While playing on mini-tours and in weekly games at his club, Rich finally decided to take the leap and build a prototype application. He taught himself how to code, built the 1st app, put it out on the Apple App store for his buddies to use, and tinkered with it over a couple of years.

In 2021, Rich invited Ron Wilson to a golf round using the prototype app. They previously worked together at Calence for 7+ years but had not seen each other for over a decade. By the end of the round, Ron created a new vision and convinced Rich to take Big Game to the next level.

In August 2021, Big Game Sport was created with a new vision focused on our passion for wellness through the community of recreational sports and leisure activities. We’re making these activities more fun, inclusive, and interactive for everyone, from anywhere, at any time. Golf’s just the beginning!

The Team

Robert Brunner

“Bert"'s the co-founder and creative director of Devereux golf. They’re making the golf lifestyle more inclusive, inviting and less boring. He’s originally from Texas and is a TCU Horned Frogs alumni. He resides in AZ. Advisor | Owner

Ron Wilson

Ron’s a lifelong sports and wellness enthusiast, entrepreneur, business and technology executive. Ron’s an Arizona alumni and splits time in AZ and MI. CEO | Founder

Rich Lesniak

Rich’s a former collegiate and mini-tour golfer that loves playing sports and creating new business ventures. He developed the original Big Game app. He’s an alumni of Rose-Hulman and resides in AZ. President | Founder

Drew Stoltz

"Sleeze" is a former TCU collegiate and professional golfer and Jicky Jack legend. He wears many visors and is co-host of the Golf Subpar podcast and Gravy and the Sleeze on PGA Tour Radio. Drew resides in AZ. Advisor | Owner

Gordon Rorison

“Big G”'s originally from Scotland, started playing golf at 5, has been caddying since 13, and is now a lifer caddie at Pebble Beach resorts. He’s founder of Glorified Donkey, host of “The Real Life Caddy Podcast”. Advisor

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